* Customer/professional service program
* Surveillance program (arbovirus, mosquito population, environmental parameter, service requesting, pesticide resistance, and service following-up)
* Control program (source reduction, biological control, larvicides, adulticides, and environmental impacts)
* Applied Research program ( directly related to surveillance and control programs)
* Education program (public education, including school, homeowner association, clubs, and community; public relations, employee training and continuing education)
* Aerial program (for larviciding, adulticiding and surveillance)
* Administrative support program (budget, supply, safety, mechanical, and maintenance)


AMCD SERVICES all 609 Square Miles
of St. Johns County!


Since 1948 the Anastasia Mosquito Control District has continually expanded from only part of Anastasia Island to now covering the entire 609 square miles of St. Johns County. Anastasia, a barrier island at St. Augustine, was empowered to begin planning for mosquito control on part of the island when those residents voted on December 7, 1948, to tax themselves to provide services. Spearheading the effort was a medical doctor, S. Raymond Cafaro, assisted by Robert W. Hamilton and Charles E. Young, who realized the devastating effects of mosquito-borne diseases. These three were the members of the first AMCD board, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  In the 1960's the AMCD Board of Commissioners was then expanded from three to five members.

The first year of operation was spent organizing, setting the millage, and discussing borrowing a mist sprayer from an agricultural supply company! In January of the second year, taxes of $4545.01 were received, and within the month the first employee was hired at $200.00 per month. Currently, AMCD has 25 full time employees, including a Director, Entomologist,and 4 seasonal full time employees. Later, in that second year of operation, 1950, one commissioner moved away and another was called back into military service during the Korean War, leaving Dr. Cafaro as the sole commissioner to keep things going.

In 1952, the first director was selected, and Robert Bartnett, a newly-graduated entomologist from the University of Florida, arrived to plan and expand the program. He found himself with 3 employees, a 1941 Ford weapons carrier on loan from the Florida Public Health Service with a Buffalo Turbine for DDT spray, a WWII weapons carrier Jeep with a bean sprayer for oil, a newly-built garage on city property, and two commissioners who had already participated in the state FAMA meetings the two previous years. He led the District for 12 years of expansion in both land area and mosquito control techniques. Another outstanding director, Hampton J. Mickler, served as the chief office for twenty-three years, retiring in 1999 and now the present Director, Dr. Rui-De Xue has been the Director since 2005.

During the life of AMCD, St. Johns County has grown from 45,000 residents to over 209,647 people, and our District has grown with it, both in area, employees, and up-to-date technology. The current Board members, staff, and employees stand ready to support its programs, attend state meetings and Dodd Short courses, and implement the best program possible. (original draft provided by Mary Willis, September 2004, updated 2015).

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