AMCD uses three main methods to control mosquito populations in St Johns County, source reduction, larvicide and adulticide.

Source Reduction

Usually the most effective and economical of the mosquito control techniques available and is accomplished by eliminating mosquito breeding sites. This can be as simple as properly discarding old containers which hold water capable of producing mosquitoes or as complex as implementing rotational impoundment management or open marsh water management techniques which control salt marsh mosquitoes. Source reduction, also known as physical or permanent control, typically is one part of our district's integrated pest management program. The majority of mosquito problems in your neighborhood are a result of water-filled containers you, the resident, can help eliminate. Please remove or empty small water containers; cover or empty large water containers; change pet water regularly; flush bird baths; flush potted plant saucers; cover barrels; cover or remove tires; clean out gutters; turn canoes over; cover boats; chlorinate pools, plug tree holes; store lawn equipment indoors; put fish in ponds; remove aquatic weeds; repair leaky faucets; and flush water from bromeliads.

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