The Public is welcome to search our online database for documents relating to AMCD

Please use the following directions when accessing the public online database.

  • To begin with, you must be using INTERNET EXPLORER. 
  • Next, click here to access the database. 
  • To help protect security, click on the message and select “Download File”.  Then click on “Open”.  It might open the login screen in a separate window.
  • Login using of the following login usernames:  public1, public2, or public3. (With the usernames, be sure not to use any spaces) 
  • Use the password:  amcd
  • Option #1:  From the hompage, select Browse.  This will take you to a list of root folders.  Highlight a folder and select open or double click the folder to open.  This will take you to subfolders.  Highlight or double click a subfolder to go to the documents in that folder.  They should then select download (bottom center of the page) to view the document.  (You will need an ADOBE program to view the PDF)
  • Option #2:  Select Search.  You can then look for documents or folders by adding criteria such as 2008 in the name field or minutes in the description field.   This search function WILL NOT search for specific text within a document.   

It is highly recommended to use the first option for navigating through the folder and document structure.  

Thank you in advance for your time and please remember to contact your webmaster with any questions or concerns.

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