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Disease Vector Education Center —– NOW OPEN!

Desease Vector Education Center Draft

Mosquitoes are the number one cause of human death, killing about a quarter of a million people a year. Mosquitoes impact livestock and domestic animals and the cost of death can be huge. Educating people about the dangers of mosquitoes and the many ways to prevent them is an essential part of mosquito control. The AMCD Disease Vector Education Center will be a large contributor to this education locally and globally.

AMCD’s mission is to protect all people of St. Johns County from nuisance mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. The main tools we use for fulfilling our mission are operational control, applied research, and education. This Education Center will be a huge asset to our Education and Operation Programs and will help us engage in a more interactive and fun way with the community. Education is an essential part of any Integrated Pest Management program.


This Education Center will provide the residents and visitors of St. Johns County with the unique opportunity to learn about vector-borne diseases, mosquitoes and other insect biology, and mosquito control in a fun hands-on environment. The education center will become a tool for teachers who are looking for engaging and highly educational field trips. School kids, residents, and vacationers of all ages will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind Education Center as a tourist destination.

The Education Center will be used by the mosquito control industry as a training facility that will attract industry leaders from around the world. AMCD hosts an international workshop in the spring of each year, attracting hundreds of mosquito control and pest control scientist and specialists from around the world. The Education Center will increase capacity and interest in this event and increase the large, positive economic impact this event has in St. Johns County.

The education center will be a green facility deriving all its electricity from solar panels which will reduce the operation costs. AMCD expects that the operating costs will be covered using revenue from the center, donations, and grants. The Education Center will be run using current staff, interns, and volunteers.



Children can play at our insect-themed outdoor playground highlighting ways to reduce the mosquito population around your home. The education center will feature games, live insects, real microscopes, and models to climb on. Everyone can play with the interactive displays, see examples of real insects, and fly a simulation spray mission in a helicopter.


Learn about mosquito habitats, diseases, life cycles, diseases that are spread by other insects and arthropods, where diseases started, and how to trap and kill mosquitoes in a fun environment. Watch bees at work from inside the education center through a glass hive. Examine other insect specimens from displays. Read about the history of mosquito control.


Watch documentaries about mosquitoes, other disease vectors, and different insects in general in the education center’s movie theater. Enjoy the scenery of the outdoor garden area with a pond, lush native plants, plants that mosquitoes love, and a bat house. Have lunch in the plaza on the benches and picnic tables near the giant mosquito statue.

Make a Donation

Anastasia Mosquito Control District is a Special District getting its funding from the taxpayers of St. Johns County. In an effort to reduce the burden of the costs associated with this Education Center AMCD is asking for help in funding this exciting addition to the historic St. Augustine area.

Contribute as an individual

Become a corporate sponsor

Contribute directly to our Capital campaign (building costs) or our Annual fund (annual day to day cost fund)

We also have naming opportunities for our building, playground, garden, and bat house.

If you would like to donate, or have any questions about donations please contact Richard Weaver at 904-484-7333 or rweaver@amcdfl.org

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