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Board Info

Our AMCD Board of Commissioners for the Anastasia Mosquito Control District lists its members, board agendas, and contact info.

AMCD Commissioners

Elected by the VOTERS of St. Johns County

Catherine Brandhorst New Photo 1

Mrs. Catherine Brandhorst
Term 2021 – 2024 / Seat 1

Martha Gleason New Photo 2

Mrs. Martha Gleason
Term 2023 – 2026 / Seat 2

Gina LeBlanc New Photo 2

Mrs. Gina LeBlanc
Term 2017 – 2024 / Seat 3

Trish Becker New Photo

Mrs. Trish Becker
Term 2019 – 2026 / Seat 4

Gayle Gardner New Photo

Ms. Gayle Gardner
Term 2021 – 2024 / Seat 5

Appointed Officers

Dr. Xue New Photo

Dr. Rui-De Xue,
Executive Director
Since 2005
Hired 4-14-03

Ms. Amy Myers,
AMCD’s Attorney
Since 01-11-24

Julieann Klein

Ms. Julieann Klein, CPA
Lombardo Spradley & Klein CPAs
Since 9-11-03

Anastasia Mosquito Control District welcomes the community to attend our monthly board meetings. Currently, our meetings are held at 5:00pm on the second Thursday of every month.

(PLEASE NOTE:  The Board Books are large files and will possibly take a few minutes to open.  If you do not see it open after a couple of minutes, try scrolling down the page as this may assist in completing the opening.

The AMCD BUDGET can always be found by going to our “AMCD Documents” database by clicking on the “About AMCD” tab at the top of our home page, then clicking the AMCD Documents tab on the right, then following the directions.

AMCD’s Fiscal Year is from October 1st  through September 30th.

Last five (5) year audit report

Florida Department of Financial Services

Annual Certified Budgets

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